1. Across the Med: Three days in Morocco

    2023-11-08 12:42:45 UTC
    Three surfers, tired of chasing non-existent waves in Spain, head to Morocco on a whim because, well, none of them had been to Africa before… “Have you ever been to Africa?” someone asked. Julie, Steve and I were sitting at a beach side bar in Andalusia, watching extremely small waves…

  2. The Jesmin Hotel: Eating in Sri Lanka

    2023-11-03 16:39:51 UTC
    The Jesmin Hotel is little more than a hole in the wall, typical of most eateries in the south of Sri Lanka. A case in the front displays a variety of roti and doughnuts for takeaway.  Walk past those temptations and a collection of tables and distressed looking plastic chairs…

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